Volume 1

The first volume is centered around the theme of exploration. Due to the lack of diverse representation in Flanders there is a huge level of ignorance, fear and curiosity among the people regarding diversity and multiculturalism. The first volume takes the reader on an explorative journey through the diversity of culture in this particular region.


The type of pop culture references used in this volume are movies. Each of the first ten books consists of five main chapters. Every chapter is based on a popular movie in which the title is rewritten to serve the purpose of a greater storyline.


There are also six character introductions in every book of this first volume. Each of these 60 characters play a small part in a greater societal scheme. 


The first book is available and can be ordered here. A few spread stills, five chapter introductions and six character portraits can already be viewed through this link.


Volume 1 Book Structure

- A short prologue that takes place in the past.

- The main storyline that takes place in the present. 

- A short epilogue that takes place in the future.