FM Kamel



Year Of Birth: 1993

Location: Antwerp (Belgium)

Religion: Islam --> Mu'Tazila School Of Thought

Instead of boring you with my entire life story I would prefer to give just a few statements tied to my current nature, since I have changed a lot the past few years.
If you would like to figure out something else about me you can just ask, I'm a firm believer in absolute freedom of speech so you can rest assured that your opinion, no matter how controversial won't make me go KABOOM
I am a religious Muslim who used to be very critical of a liberal society, but now I go to bed every day praying that I would wake up the next morning and find myself back in such a society, for the regressively painful curse of wokeness has proven itself to be a real nightmare.
I am a proud critic of feminism as a concept, but I do acknowledge that women, especially from my religious realm are subjected to unjustifiable standards of living that any man would crumble under, so I do believe in supporting women in their quest for independence.
I am a critic of modern day gender and queer ideology , but I do acknowledge that LGBT people face genuine oppression, specifically people of colour due to the lack of support from their own respective communities, and I think we need to stop harming their existence ASAP.
I have experienced countless moments of racism in The West, but I truly doubt the claim that The West is an inherently racist place to live and that all White people perpetuate it, that sounds like someone pitching Star Wars & American History X as a hybrid concept called Race Wars.
I am a firm believer in equality of opportunity, and though people are treated more fairly in The West than in other places of the world, there's still a lot of room for improvement but the idea that equality of outcome is the supposed cure is absolutely unhinged to me. 
These are the five main topics that seemed like the best fit to describe some of my ideas, you're more than welcome to challenge me on them, I love an intense critical self-reflection that arises when someone manages to challenge me intellectually.