The Main Principles Of The Dogshorts Institute: A Magical Place Unlike Any Other


Based on the magically inspired App called Mary Plotter.

This book serves as a short and intense dive into the alternate realm of a popular wizarding world. An alternate realm in which the main story is centered around the tiresome wokeness of our world.

Witness the ideas that laid the foundation of Mary Plotter's existence and her view on the world. From the altverse's shool motto, to its house structure and the sorting elements that help guide you.

Do you think that you have what it takes to join this realm?
Read the representational poem below and decide for yourself.

The Dogshorts Institute
Come in stranger, but please do take note
That here there is no room for a still throat

However if you are woke please do run
As our grasp on reality will spoil your fun

So if you decide to sneak into our realm
It may be too difficult to wear our helm

For this institute goes by a moral power
Which transcends that of any ivory tower