The Face Of The Planet (Poster Design)

Add a mysterious vibe to any space with this A3 sized poster of an artwork titled:

'The Face Of The Planet'


The original image (A3-Size) was a lithography print that was made using Artline

Permanent markers, the design itself was inspired by the everchanging pace of the

world we live in and its famous sentiment of 'Nothing Personal, Strictly Business'.


This sentiment was the main inspiration behind the image itself which represents a personification of the world as a mysterious CEO wasting earthly resources all in

the name of making money. At the center of the earth, an eye represents the omni-

potent sight of this worldly CEO that watches every single one of us.


The overall effect of the poster is to hold your attention as a viewer and leave you with a feeling of mystery that keeps growing as you continue to stare into the eye of the planet.