Photo Cards (High-gloss)

Delight, encourage and inspire yourself and others with these colorful photo cards that were created by using a series of customised islamic geometric pattern designs.


To further build from the bookmarks (see reference here) in which the same pattern with a varying color scheme was simply printed on each side, a  visual experiment is applied to these photo cards. The shape that inspired the pattern is enlarged to fit the entire surface area, this silhouette is then filled in one color scheme while the background is filled with the alternate color scheme.


This merging of two color schemes creates the front image of the photo card and then on the back of the card an inversion of this image is printed to further highlight the contrast of shape and color. The cards have no practical purpose as they were created to serve a strictly esthetic purpose in the hopes of inspiring the owner of these cards in their personal design or creativity process.


There are 5 different photo cards available, you can either purchase them per piece or you can buy the entire set of 5 at a cheaper price.  


Product specifications: 

- Printed on high-gloss shiny paper.

- 300 g/m2 paper weight with a laminated finish.

- Printed on both sides (same pattern, inverted color scheme).

- Size: Medium Square (148 mm x 148 mm).


Click here if you want to know more about the design process of these customised geometric patterns.